Looking for a Mentor … Or Someone You Can Mentor?

The North Carolina Economic Development Association (NCEDA) supports the growth of the economic development profession in many ways. One of the most important is facilitating relationships between experienced professionals and newer members of our profession.

The Economic Development Mentor Network connects industry veterans who are willing to offer guidance and advice with young professionals who would like to expand their knowledge. The specifics of each mentor-mentee relationship depend upon the participants — from a focus on achieving a particular goal to long-term coaching and advice. Mentors and mentees can communicate in person, by phone, or online, depending upon what works best for both.

By working through the Economic Development Mentor Network, you’ll be able to identify your area of interest. Our team will review requests from mentees and offers from mentors to match up the right teams and provide the participants with contact information.

The mentor program is sponsored by Creative Economic Development Consulting in support of NCEDA. You do not have to be an NCEDA member to participate as a mentor or mentee.

Paying it Forward Mentor Network