February 2021

Dozens of States and Cities in the US Raise Minimum Wage

EIU 2/3/21 The COVID-19 pandemic has further sounded alarm bells about inequality and reignited moves to raise the minimum wage. As of January 1, 20 states and 32 cities and counties raised their statutory minimum wage. Labor groups are advocating for a national $15 minimum, as well...

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15 Issues Facing the Workforce

Site Selection  Workforce 2021 Guide The economic devastation of the pandemic, which at its peak last July had claimed one out of three US jobs, was unpredictable and unprecedented. Not since World War II has our society, economy and government mobilized in common cause to such a...

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Converging and Diverging Trends Stemming from the Crisis

Charles Schwab & Co.  1/25/21 Across industries, companies and people, the post-COVID re-opening has had its winners and losers. The “K curve” economy is widening existing disparities and creating new ones. “The initial phase of the COVID crisis channeled aspects of many past calamities—the Great Depression in...

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